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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift!

Get 2 weeks of Free Training at The Decatur Boxing Club with purchase of the book The Sweet Sucker Punch chronicles Xavier ‘Bad Pads Biggs’ unique boxing career including his travels to the training camps of some of the great iconic champions of the 80’s. Biggs takes the reader on a family friendly journey of the stimulating and expiring […]


"Atlanta's best kept secret" - Usher

“When first stepping foot into Decatur Boxing Club, I felt the sudden jab of authenticity. At that moment I knew it was real deal, the tangible feeling of passion and determination permeating the air. The human spirit thrives at Decatur Boxing Club, where everyone from executives to housewives to children train alongside amateur and professional fighters and Olympic hopefuls. No pretense, no arrogance, but rather a group of people collectively going after the same goal: To get in the best shape of their lives. With Xavier Biggs and his staff as your guides, the boxing workouts prove challenging yet surprisingly exciting. They’re uplifting and oozing with energy. The rhythmic pulse of the music echoes through the gym as you push your body into uncharted territory, learning the art of this age old tradition in the process. After each workout, I walk out of Decatur Boxing Club the same way. I never feel more alive.” - Jon Waterhouse, journalist.